Devin (Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race)

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Devin is a contestant on The Ridonculous Race which was a spin-off of the Total Drama franchise. He is paired with Carrie who he has been friends with since they were children. While Carrie has fallen in love with him, Devin already had a girlfriend named Shelley, whom he missed a lot throughout half the competition.

Sadly, at the end of Shawshank Ridonc-tion he is able to call Shelley but soon finds out she had dumped him for her tennis instructor. He goes through the "Seven Stages of Break-up," causing different mood swings for several episodes. Eventually Devin gets over Shelley but when Carrie goes missing during a failed magic act, he finally realizes he's in love with Carrie. Carrie however gives up on waiting for Devin and focuses on the race though she makes it clear she still has feelings for him.

Now determined to tell Carrie how he feels, Devin ends up in situations that cause pain for him, Carrie or outright embarrassment. Finally he confesses his feelings to Carrie at the end of Last Tango in Buenos Aires when they reach the Chill Zone and have their first kiss. However, Kitty, unable to control her emu, crashes into Devin, causing him to fall of the cliff, forcing him to resign from the race despite it being a non-elimination challenge. Because the Surfer Dudes helped them before in a previous challenge, Carrie chooses them to replace her and Devin. Carrie and Devin were last seen cheering the winner.

Hunk Factors[edit]

  1. Chick Magnet: His best friend is in love with him despite him having a girlfriend.
  2. Personality: A friendly individual and a loving boyfriend, either to ex-girlfriend Shelley or his new girlfriend, Carrie. Tried to eat the hottest pepper in one challenge so Carrie wouldn't have to do the highest dive. Key word, TRIED.
  3. Looks: Spiky bangs in the front, friendly smile, friendly eyes, light beard, in his teens.