Tyler (Total Drama)

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Tyler was a camper originally on the Killer Bass Team before his elimination. Shortly by the first episode, he hooks up fairly quickly with Lindsay despite her being on the Killer Grips. He's enthusiastic about sports, but despite his build, he's very uncoordinated and a bit dim so any attempts at physical challenges often end with him hurt. Despite that he keeps on going despite most injuries. Though he's a jock, he has a very friendly personality and even shows a geeky side when he and Harold bond over Japanese game shows. He is voted off Total Drama Island after he failed to conquer his fear of chickens, even though Courtney lost the whole challenge when she failed to jump into green jelly for triple points.

Though he reunites with Lindsay after her elimination, she soon forget who he is though she remembers the name. This carries into Total Drama World Tour where she's constantly forgetting him which hurts him emotionally. However by Slap slap Revolution, during the musical number, Lindsay finally remembers who Tyler is, much to his excitement. His excited shout of yes causes an avalanche though everyone escapes.

When Lindsay is eliminated in Can't Help Falling In Louvre and Duncan cheats on Courtney with Gwen (which he saw and blurted out), Courtney attempts to seduce him but he refuses to even humor it as he couldn't cheat on his Lindsay. He shows how much of a friend he can be in the Ex-Files, when he becomes the one most determined to rescue Owen even climbing an electric fence to save him, despite there being an open door very nearby. He's finally eliminated in the episode when the alien artifact he was carrying was destroyed.

He's briefly seen in the beginning of Revenge of the Island making out with Lindsay showing they are still together.

Hunk FactorsEdit

  • Chick Magnet: He and Lindsay hook up by the first episode and have been acouple ever since. Courtney tried to seduce him to make Duncan jealous, but he's too loyal to consider the thought of cheating on his girlfriend.
  • Looks: brown hair with downward bangs, 16 years old, 17 by World Tour, always wears a headband, however no abs.
  • Personality: Though a bit dimwitted, he's a loyal boyfriend and has the patience of a saint to put up with Lindsay's forgetfulness, and won't even consider cheating on her. He's also a good friend as he climbed an electric fence to save Owen. Even though there was an open door, it's the thought that counts.


  • He has very strong fingers which he used to pull up a sled containing radioactive waste, his teamates and one of his teammates was Owen. When he took piano lessons, he broke the piano.
  • He's terrified of Duncan.